TAHAL Group, through its subsidiary TAHAL India, is already engaged in six different infrastructural projects in India, and its backlog of work for immediate execution there, after signing the agreement, will be US$ 170 million.

Saar Bracha, TAHAL Group's President & CEO: "2017 was the best year for TAHAL in India, with unprecedented sales totalling over US$ 35 million, and a backlog of new orders amounting to more than US$ 140 million. The new project will enable TAHAL to continue operating in Karnataka in the next few years, even after successful completion of the Gadag project in the coming months."

TAHAL Group announced today that it has won a US$ 28 million tender for upgrading and operating a large-scale water supply system for the city of Bangalore, Karnataka. This is the seventh project in India awarded to TAHAL, following four water supply projects and one undertaking involving natural gas infrastructure in 2017. Altogether, TAHAL has clinched assignments in India valued at more than US$ 240 million during the past three years.

The project, to be carried out for Karnataka State Water and Sewage Company, will include renovation, expansion, upgrading and operation of the water supply system in the city of Bangalore, with a population of 11 million. The system will supply water to 42,000 households and is expected to include about 400 km of new transmission mains, advanced systems for reducing and preventing leakages and other water losses, and monitoring and control systems for operational support. The construction works are expected to last approximately 36 months, and a 12-month operation and maintenance period will be in effect following handover of the project to the client.

TAHAL's operations in the Indian market have grown by leaps and bounds over the past two years. In November 2017, the company won a US$ 29 million contract for construction of a water supply system to serve some 85,000 households, financed by IBRD and the World Bank. In September 2017, it won two turnkey projects, including design and construction of water treatment and supply systems in the city of Nirsa, State of Jharkhand, totalling US$ 80 million. The two projects together are expected to supply water to approximately 127,000 households. In June 2017, TAHAL announced that it had successfully tendered for a US$ 25 million project for construction of a water supply system to serve about 24,000 households in villages in the State of Jharkhand. Yet another TAHAL venture in India is the Gadag Project, Karnataka, involving pumping systems, water treatment plants and distribution lines to 131 villages and communities in the state, with handover to the client having already begun.

Saar Bracha, President & CEO of TAHAL Group, states: "TAHAL Group is one of the largest Israeli infrastructure companies operating in India. This is the fifth contract to be awarded to us in the past few months and our current work in India is valued at over US$ 170 million. The Indian government is planning huge investments to the tune of US$ 31 billion in the development of water supply and agricultural systems, and TAHAL is well positioned to realize this huge potential in terms of its core fields of activity – water supply and sewage, agriculture, environmental protection, and natural gas. The establishment of a local company in India five years ago, currently employing 150 local professionals and based mainly on Israeli know-how, has proved to be the right way to operate in the country.