tahalTAHAL offers a range of sustainable water supply, wastewater and rural development solutions in Latin America, specializing in the implementation of new approaches, creative concepts and unique methodologies.

Having launched its Latin American operations in Panama in the early 1960s, TAHAL expanded its coverage to over 15 other countries in the region. TAHAL typically works with local companies, including contractors, consulting firms and individual experts, to better understand specific site and socioeconomic conditions.
TAHAL also maintains permanent branches and regional offices in strategic countries throughout the region to facilitate smooth project implementation and operations.


Feasibility Study and Basic Engineering Design of the Wastewater Conveyance and Treatment System in the City of Arequipa

Feasibility study and basic design of wastewater systems for projected population of 1.5 million. Project included field surveys and studies; planning and analysis of alternatives; environmental and socioeconomic impact assessment; economic and financial evaluation; design of main conveyance pipelines and treatment/disposal components; and preparation of tender documentation, including terms of reference and technical
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Reformulation of the Baja Guajira Irrigated Development Project

Feasibility study for intensive irrigated agriculture project that would drive the development of water resources for irrigation of 16,000 ha. Project included hydrological studies; water, soil and environmental surveys; agricultural planning; study of organizational aspects; planning of engineering works; economic and financial evaluation; and training and technology transfer.
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Construction Supervision of Hydraulic Works for Flood Control of Lower Basin of Guayas River

Construction supervision of flood control works covering 171,250 ha area with a population of 188,000. Project includes hydraulic structures, river crossings, embankments, drainage canals and 280 km of highways and auxiliary roads.
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Optimization, Extension and Operational Control of Falcon State Water Supply & Sanitation System for Four Cities

Project involved feasibility study, final design and procurement, including 110 km of collection/distribution networks, 3 pumping stations, 13 km pipeline, 4 facultative lagoon treatment plants and implementation of SCADA system comprising 2 OCCs and 107 remote stations.
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Integrated Irrigation for Export of Agricultural Products, Arco Seco

Turnkey project comprising irrigated development of 3,000 ha, including detailed design and execution; provision of training, support services and marketing infrastructure; and establishment of farmers' organizations.
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Improvement of Drinking Water Systems of Santo Domingo

Master planning, design, supervision and construction, including rehabilitation of pumping stations; installation of 48 & 54; steel pipelines (6 km); construction of two concrete reservoirs (~30,000 m3 each); installation of 12 & 16; HDPE networks (10 km); and SCADA system implementation.
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