bucarestTahal has signed a $15 million agreement with the Municipality of Bucharest for rehabilitation and renovation of sewage and drainage system in the city. The project funded mainly by EU encompasses a full EPC (engineering, construction and procurement) turn-key assignment for the project.

In this project, , Tahal will rehabilitate and renovate a 10 km network of underground canals, including domestic sewer lines and the rainwater drainage lines of the city streets. The sewers and drainage systems, some of which are more than 40 years, are laid under the main motorways and large parks and will require diversion of infrastructure, regulation of traffic and public transportation and tight coordination with the local authorities.

The project will last 18 months, including 3 months of planning, and will be started immediately.

In the last two years, TAHAL Romania, our local subsidiary, turned into an independent Design-Build company, and we expect further expansion of our activities in this country.