Orenburg_bridgeTAHAL will construct a 100,000 m3/day water treatment plant in the city of Orenburg, the Orenburg Oblast (Federal province) capital. The $20 million project will be funded by the World Bank and will be delivered to the Federal Ministry of Construction (Minstroy) TAHAL's WTP will become the main water source of Orenburg, and will significantly upgrade the quality of water supplied to more than 500,000 residents, thanks to the use of modern purification technologies.

The works will begin immediately, and the project will take approximately 19 months. Orenburg is the 6th EPC project of TAHAL in Russia in the past few years, following our successful projects in St. Petersburg, Ivanovo, the two projects in Kazan and of course – Yakutsk, which is currently in its final planning stages.