TAHAL Group has been awarded the Kzylkum project for improvement of irrigation & drainage systems in Kazakhstan. This follows the successful penetration into the Kazakhstan market with the Makhtaaral-2 project awarded earlier this year.

Moni Buchnik, VP of TAHAL Europe: "It is my pleasure to announce that earlier this week TAHAL Group was awarded a new project in Kazakhstan – improvement of irrigation & drainage systems in Kyzylkum, located in Kazakhstan's Turkestan Region."

This project is part of the Second Irrigation & Drainage Improvement Project (IDIP 2), which is a key component of Kazakhstan's multi-year plan for rehabilitation and construction of irrigation systems.

The Kyzylkum project encompasses 12,500 ha, and is expected to be completed in 26 months, followed by a 12-month technical support period. The upgraded irrigation & drainage systems will serve a population of 12,000.

Implementation of this project is expected to reduce irrigation & drainage water consumption by ~60%. TAHAL's unique expertise will play a key role in realizing this savings of approximately one million cubic metres of water per year (1 MCM/y). The project also includes the Implementation of wireless smart metering, which will ensure economical and effective water utilization by the farmers.

TAHAL Group is committed to building a better future for the generations of tomorrow. Each and every project is given special attention by our world-class experts, with an ecologically responsible approach. We are very proud to help Kazakhstan improve its irrigation & drainage infrastructure, which is one of the country's primary goals.