Saar Bracha, CEO of Tahal Group: "It is my pleasure to announce that earlier this week TAHAL Group was awarded a new project in Russia – reconstruction of biological sewage treatment plant in Ivanovo, totaling $37M".

THAL Group was awarded a new project of reconstruction of biological sewage treatment plant in Ivanovo, Russia, totaling $37M

This project is a continuation of a previous project in the same plant that had been successfully completed in 2015, in which TAHAL constructed a new sludge treatment line, including biogas co-generation based on anaerobic digestion.

The project's scope includes detailed design, equipment supply, equipment installation, construction, rehabilitation and commissioning of a ~320MLD municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plant, serving over 400,000 residents. The project will be partially funded by the World Bank, and will be delivered to the Federal Ministry of Construction (Minstroy). The works will begin immediately, and the project will take approximately 24 months.

2017 was a very successful year for TAHAL's operations in Russia, and it set a record of annual sales from exiting projects with nearly $60M. TAHAL Russia opens 2018 with another expansion, and this new project will allow us to deepen our activities in the Russian market for the years to come.

TAHAL's vast experience in East Europe, and particularly in Russia, proves itself time after time – working with local teams and contractors to bridge the cultural differences, successfully coping with climate challenges – this follow-up project best exemplifies TAHAL Group's appreciation in Russia.