One of the keys to successful project implementation is supervision, which requires tight control over quality, time and budget. TAHAL closely monitors the physical progress of works, schedule adherence, and financial management to ensure project completion of the highest level.

With the contractor’s activities dictated by an established work schedule on the one hand, and the clients desire to finish the project quickly on the other, a project can encounter a conflict of interest.

To overcome this at the design stage, TAHAL thoroughly examines
the contractor’s work program leading up to work commencement to guarantee that future construction proceeds smoothly.

At the construction stage, TAHAL ensures that all activities meet environmental protection regulations to minimize system operation disruptions. In the event that such regulations are not required, TAHAL adopts acceptable international standards.


Construction of Water Treatment Plant & Horizontal Water Intake Facilities – Orenburg, Russia

A tender was issued for the construction of a new water treatment plant (WTP) and the rehabilitation of existing horizontal water intake facilities. Over the course of the project, TAHAL has provided the following services: Design, Obtaining all necessary approvals, licenses and permits, Construction...
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Water Supply Systems in Rural Areas – Romania

The Romanian Ministry of Regional Development and Housing selected TAHAL to design and implement over 500 centralized water supply schemes in rural areas of 26 counties throughout Romania. The main goal of the project was to provide drinking water meeting World Health Organization (WHO) standards to some one million rural inhabitants of Romania.
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Northeast Irrigation Project, Stage II – Lam Pao, Lam Takhong and Nam Pong

Design and construction supervision of irrigation & drainage systems for 70,000 ha, as follow-up to feasibility study carried out by TAHAL. Included review of existing plans; surveys; pedological and hydrological studies to determine flood control requirements; and detailed design & tender documents.
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Bhairawa-Lumbini Groundwater Irrigation Project

Feasibility study, design, construction supervision and study of institutional/legal aspects in development of groundwater resources for both, dry season and supplementary monsoon season irrigation. Included drilling of 79 tubewells over 20,600 ha, formulation of institutional framework and WUA establishment.
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Urban Water Supply, Storm Water Drainage, Underground Sewerage & Road Restoration

Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority Description: Development of urban water supply, sewerage & drainage systems for 260 km2 area. Includes water treatment plants, pipelines, storage reservoirs and collection, treatment & disposal of domestic/industrial wastewater.
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Wastewater Collection, Treatment and Reuse System (“SHAFDAN”), Dan Region

TAHAL was selected to provide a wide range of services for the Shafdan plant relating to wastewater collection, treatment and reuse. The project included systems for preserving the treated water in defined areas where the water penetrated into the ground.
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Feasibility Study and Basic Engineering Design of the Wastewater Conveyance and Treatment System in the City of Arequipa

Feasibility study and basic design of wastewater systems for projected population of 1.5 million. Project included field surveys and studies; planning and analysis of alternatives; environmental and socioeconomic impact assessment; economic and financial evaluation; design of main conveyance pipelines and treatment/disposal components; and preparation of tender documentation, including terms of reference and technical
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Construction Supervision of Hydraulic Works for Flood Control of Lower Basin of Guayas River

Construction supervision of flood control works covering 171,250 ha area with a population of 188,000. Project includes hydraulic structures, river crossings, embankments, drainage canals and 280 km of highways and auxiliary roads.
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