Компания «ТАХАЛ» была основана в 1952-ом году правительством Израиля с целью решения серьезнейшей задачи, стоящей перед страной: преобразования ее пустынных земель в плодородные поля. После успешно спланированного и спроектированного Трансизраильского водовода компания «ТАХАЛ»  была назначена Национальным консультантом Управления по водоснабжению и канализации, Администрации муниципального водоснабжения и Национального проекта  канализации.

Изначально сконцентрировав свою деятельность на разработке природных водных ресурсов и создании систем орошения, компания «ТАХАЛ» со временем расширила сферу своей деятельности и стала осуществлять работы по проектированию и строительству сложных проектов, связанных с утилизацией солончаковой воды, повторным использованием сточных вод и обессоленной морской воды. Будучи крупнейшей технической фирмой Израиля, компания «ТАХАЛ» также занимается переработкой твердых отходов и разработкой морских ресурсов природного газа в  стране.

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HAGAL (Talia) Sanitary Landfill, Jordan Valley

BOT project for design, construction, operation and closure of a 34 ha 1,000 ton/day modern landfill site according to international methods and standards that ensure full environmental protection, including prevention of unpleasant odours and preservation of groundwater resources. Includes an energy centre that uses biogas produced at the site for the generation of

Natural Gas Project

Master Plan and conceptual design of a national system for the supply, transport and distribution of natural gas, to convey natural gas to all demand centers at the required pressure and in the required quantities, via a safe and reliable system that meets stringent natural gas standards. The conveyance system includes detailed design of main

Kikar Sedom Agricultural Extension

Pilot project for establishing agricultural production on marginal land considered unsuitable for intensive commercial farming because of extreme conditions – elevation of 400 m below sea level, annual rainfall of under 40 mm, annual evaporation rate of 370 mm, maximum summer temperature of 46 °C, shallow saline groundwater, soil hypersalinity and low

Water Pollution Simulation for Hagihon Corporation, Jerusalem

Development of standalone decision-support system (DSS) tool to dramatically reduce time between detection/suspicion of contamination in water network, thereby reducing both health risks and financial loss. The system includes hydraulic simulation and graphical presentation of results.

Design of Fifth Water Supply Pipeline to Jerusalem

Feasibility study and design of eastern pipeline segment, which will be the main source of water for Jerusalem, supplying 65,000 m3/h.

Palmachim Seawater Desalination Facility, Kibbutz Palmachim

Financing, design, construction, supply, installation and O&M of reverse osmosis seawater desalination plant for the production and supply of 45 MCM/yr under a build-own-operate (BOO) contract.

Wastewater Collection, Treatment and Reuse System (“SHAFDAN”), Dan Region

TAHAL was selected to provide a wide range of services for the Shafdan plant relating to wastewater collection, treatment and reuse. The project included systems for preserving the treated water in defined areas where the water penetrated into the ground.