width=480Sistemele de alimentare cu apă şi irigare sigure şi fiable, corelate cu îmbunătăţirea sistemului agricol,e de la nivel local, au o mare importanţă în Asia. Drept urmare, soluţiile TAHAL din Asia includ instruirea utilizatorilor, care administrează şi operează sistemele locale si lucrează la îmbunătăţirea aspectelor de gen.

TAHAL a început să opereze prima dată în Asia în anii 1960, lansându-se pe piaţa din India în 1992. În prezent, compania dispune de filiale pe trei pieţe aflate în dezvoltare – India, Tailanda şi Sri Lanka – pentru a-şi consolida prezenţa regională.

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Yaylak Plain Agricultural Irrigation – Anatolia, Turkey

TAHAL carried out design, engineering, management, cost and budget control, construction and coordination services for the entire irrigation system. Water from the Atatürk Dam was conveyed via an existing tunnel to a newly constructed main pumping station...
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SWaRA Uttar Pradesh was created in 2001 for improved planning, managing and allocating of water resources. SWaRA realized that it required an integrated approach to overcome problems of poor water management and a lack of coordination among the many stakeholders in the region involved in water supply and usage. Toward that end, it sought to develop an advanced tool for river basin assessment and planning.
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Xuanhua Wastewater Treatment & Water Reuse – Transfer-Operate-Transfer (TOT) Project

Serving local population of 320,000 and all nearby industries, with current capacity of 120,000 m3/day (WWTP) and 120,000 m3/day recycled water, meeting Class IA effluent standards.
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Dazhou Water Treatment & Wastewater Treatment Project (BOO)

Dazhou Water Treatment Plant (WTP) – current capacity of 100,000 m3/day, expected to increase by an additional 50,000 m3/day in Phase II (2014), and an additional 100,000 m3/day around 2020. Dazhou Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) – current capacity of 10,000 m3/day, meeting Class IA effluent
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Northeast Irrigation Project, Stage II – Lam Pao, Lam Takhong and Nam Pong

Design and construction supervision of irrigation & drainage systems for 70,000 ha, as follow-up to feasibility study carried out by TAHAL. Included review of existing plans; surveys; pedological and hydrological studies to determine flood control requirements; and detailed design & tender documents.
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Bhairawa-Lumbini Groundwater Irrigation Project

Feasibility study, design, construction supervision and study of institutional/legal aspects in development of groundwater resources for both, dry season and supplementary monsoon season irrigation. Included drilling of 79 tubewells over 20,600 ha, formulation of institutional framework and WUA establishment.
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Development of Water Resources of Kalu Ganga Basin including Flood Protection

Prefeasibility study for flood protection of Kalu Ganga Basin and feasibility study for construction of 70 m high multipurpose Ratnapura Dam for flood protection and hydropower. Included installation/calibration of SOBEK flood control model, field investigations and tender document preparation.
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Urban Water Supply, Storm Water Drainage, Underground Sewerage & Road Restoration

Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority Description: Development of urban water supply, sewerage & drainage systems for 260 km2 area. Includes water treatment plants, pipelines, storage reservoirs and collection, treatment & disposal of domestic/industrial wastewater.
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Water Resources Planning for the State of Rajasthan

Statewide master plan for water resource management/development, including improvement of data collection/processing; groundwater, artificial recharge and conjunctive use studies; equipment procurement; training; and technical assistance.
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