Yaylak Plain Agricultural Irrigation – Anatolia, Turkey

Project at a Glance

Customer: General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSI acronym in Turkish)
Region Asia
Project Value: $165M
Status: Completed in 2006
Segments: Integrated agriculture development, water resources management]
Main Benefit: Provision of modern irrigation system for 18,000 ha of lands


The Turkish General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works chose TAHAL to provide turnkey services for the Yaylak Plain irrigation project. The goal of the project was to develop a modern irrigation system for 18,000 ha of agricultural lands in 46 villages located in the vicinity of the Atatürk Dam near the city of Sanliurfa. The irrigation project was carried out in the framework of the Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP acronym in Turkish), one of Turkey’s largest multi-sector integrated regional development projects.


TAHAL carried out design, engineering, management, cost and budget control, construction and coordination services for the entire irrigation system. Water from the Atatürk Dam was conveyed via an existing tunnel to a newly constructed main pumping station, which then pumped the water through a newly constructed main canal.

TAHAL provided the following services over the course of the turnkey project:

  • Supply and installation of electromechanical equipment for the main pumping station (with 17 pumps and discharge rate of 21 m3/sec), and relevant civil works
  • Construction of a reinforced concrete main canal (of 83 km), and its relevant structures including siphons, bridges, etc.
  • Design, supply and installation of canal automation and telemetering systems, and an automatic computer-based control system
  • Design, supply, transportation, storage and installation of equipment, construction and commissioning of 10 network pumping stations, including submersible pumps and related electro-mechanical plant and SCADA control systems
  • Construction of 10 regulating reservoirs and three balancing reservoirs
  • Detailed design, supply, transportation, customs clearance, laying and commissioning of pipelines and hydro-mechanical equipment for the main and secondary distribution systems (total length of 641 km)
  • Supply and construction of drainage system
  • Construction of service and maintenance roads
  • Detailed design, supply, transportation, storage, erection and commissioning of power transmission line (76 km) to serve pumping stations
  • Training of personnel in design and operations and maintenance (O&M) of irrigation systems

About 3,000 farmers live in the project area, growing traditional crops consisting mainly of cereals. It is envisaged that future agriculture will be based on the irrigated cultivation of cotton, vegetables, potatoes, cereals and pulses.


  • Increased and reliable water availability for agricultural irrigation
  • Improved agricultural yields and food security
  • Enhanced local agricultural diversity



General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSI acronym in Turkish)