Water Distribution System Construction – Luanda, Angola

Project at a Glance:

Customer: Luanda Public Water Company (EPAL)
Project Value: $50M
Status: completed in 2012
Segment: water resources management
Main Benefit: supply of drinking water to six neighborhoods


Angola’s largest and most important water supply company, Empresa Pública de Águas de Luanda (EPAL), hired TAHAL to construct a water supply system. Covering over 48,000 hectares, the system supplies water for domestic use in six neighborhoods in the southern part of Luanda, the country’s capital.


The solution covered two major components:

1. Installation of over 400 km of HDPE piping (75-500mm diameter) in four neighborhoods
2. Construction and installation of 137 public drinking fountains and 30km of PVC piping (75-225mm diameter) in two neighborhoods

TAHAL provided a wide range of pre-construction services for the project, including studies, preliminary and detailed design, mapping, aerial photography, and DTM ortho-photography, and the supply and storage of materials. In the construction stage, TAHAL carried out excavation of pipeline trenches, welding of butt fusions, laying of pipelines, and installation of isolating valves and valve chambers.


1. Water infrastructure development
2. Supply of drinking water
3. Improved quality of life for residents


Luanda Public Water Company (EPAL)