Wastewater Conveyance System Rehabilitation – Bucharest, Romania

Project at a Glance

Customer: Bucharest Municipality
Region: Europe
Project Value: $14.4M
Status: started in June 2016, with projected completion in December 2018
Segment: wastewater conveyance
Main Benefit: modernized and optimized wastewater conveyance system


Bucharest is Romania’s capital and largest city, with a population of over 2 million in its metropolitan area. The Bucharest municipality selected TAHAL to design and implement a rehabilitation of the city’s wastewater conveyance system, with the aim of modernizing the system and improving its efficiency.


The project involves upgrading the A0 and B0 wastewater conveyance systems that run approximately 10.5 km in length. Pipe restoration is being carried out using a combination of relining pipes using glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) tubes, applying gunite/shotcrete (spray-applied concrete), and sealing joints between existing concrete pipes.

Services provided by TAHAL over the course of the project:

  • Technical expertise
  • Design work for rehabilitation of main sewerage lines
  • Project management
  • Drafting of documents and obtaining permits, approvals and licenses
  • Implementation of rehabilitation works for main sewerage lines
  • Repair of potential defects within 12-month notification period
  • Testing


  • Modernized and optimized wastewater conveyance system
  • Improved service standards and increased safety
  • Reduced energy and operating costs
  • Enhanced environmental protection and groundwater quality



Bucharest Municipality