River Basin Assessment & Planning System – Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh (UP), India

Project at a Glance

Customer: State Water Resources Agency (SWaRA) Uttar Pradesh
Region: Asia
Project Value: $3.4M
Status: project started in 2016, with projected completion in 2022
Segment: water resources management
Main Benefit: decision-support tool for UP water resources development and management


SWaRA Uttar Pradesh was created in 2001 for improved planning, managing and allocating of water resources. SWaRA realized that it required an integrated approach to overcome problems of poor water management and a lack of coordination among the many stakeholders in the region involved in water supply and usage. Toward that end, it sought to develop an advanced tool for river basin assessment and planning.


The objectives of the project, which is funded by the World Bank, are to study all eight major rivers basin in Uttar Pradesh and to prepare a river basin assessment and planning system (BAPS). The BAPS tool will include a geo-database and knowledge base including important data relating to rainfall, evaporation, irrigation, groundwater behavior, crop mix, crop growth characteristics, cultivator practices, input costs and availability, crop production, crop prices and more. As part of the project, TAHAL is developing and applying analytical tools, ensuring structured stakeholder consultation processes, and strengthening institutional capacity building.

The BAPS tool will help SWaRA to:

  • assess current and future water availability and demand
  • develop water allocation and entitlement models for different availability/demand scenarios
  • undertake water balance assessments at various time stages and horizons
  • develop comprehensive knowledge products including a web-enabled interactive water atlas
  • analyze possible development scenarios and management solutions

The multidisciplinary project team comprises Indian and Israeli experts in basin planning, hydrogeology, hydrology, water resource modeling, software programming, web development, knowledge bases, geographic information systems (GIS), databases, remote sensing, irrigation and agriculture.


  • Improved decision making by SWaRA managers
  • Enhanced regional collaboration among varied stakeholders
  • Strengthened institutional capacity building


State Water Resources Agency (SWaRA) Uttar Pradesh