Rehabilitation of Iskozh Wastewater Pumping Station – Kazan, Russia

Project at a Glance:

Customer: Kazan Municipal Unitary Enterprise
Region: Europe
Project Value: $4M
Status: completed in 2014
Segment: wastewater treatment and collection
Main Benefit: Design and Reconstruction of wastewater pumping station


MUP Kazan Vodokanal selected TAHAL to perform full reconstruction of the Iskozh wastewater pumping station. The main goal of the project was to restore the pumping station and to introduce full automatization of the facility.


The rehabilitation project included a combination of design, civil, mechanical, installation and electrical works and support activities. Detailed design work included design calculations and preparation of working drawings for civil, mechanical, electrical and control (SCADA) components.

Design work was carried out in accordance with standards developed by GOST, a regional standards organization operating under the auspices of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

Civil works included strengthening of structural elements, demolition of existing structures and replacement with new structures, and preparation of supports. Mechanical works included dismantling of existing equipment, and procurement (including customs clearance), installation, start-up and commissioning of new equipment. Support activities included preparing as-built documentation and training of operating staff.


  • Reconstruction of existing waste water pumping station
  • Uninterrupted operations of the pumping station throughout project design and implementation
  • Improved public health of nearby residents
  • Decreased negative environmental impact


Kazan Municipal Unitary Enterprise