TAHAL water projects take into account all regional water resources to optimize utilization for current and evolving agricultural, industrial and residential usage. Leveraging over six decades of experience in the water sector, TAHAL implements sustainable projects that enhance water availability, quality and revenues.
Key Benefits
• Enhanced water availability and quality
• Safe water supply for agricultural, industrial and domestic usage
• Efficient development and management of new water resources
• Less water loss and more water revenues
Proven Expertise
• Desalination plants for seawater or brackish water
• Aquifer development and protection
• Water treatment plants
• Dams and reservoirs
• Pumping stations

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Quiminha Integrated Agricultural and Regional Development Project

TAHAL was hired by Angola’s Ministry of Agriculture to design and implement an integrated rural development project covering 5,000 hectares in the Quiminha region, some 40km from the capital Luanda.
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The Rural Water Supply & Sanitation Department, Karnataka (RWSSD Karnataka) is responsible for supplying drinking water to over 130 villages in a timely and cost-effective manner. The project required the laying of some 600 kilometers of pipeline in rural regions, including during the monsoon season
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Construction of Water Intake Lagoon and Water Treatment Plant – Yakutsk, Russia

TAHAL was selected by Vodokanal Yakutsk, the supplier of drinking water to the city of some 300,000 people, to design and build a water intake lagoon on the Lena River and a water treatment plant with a capacity of 110,000 m3/day. Yakutsk is considered the coldest major city in the world, with average winter temperatures of -38.6° C (-37.5° F).
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Water and Wastewater Development – Neamt County, Romania

With a population of some 470,000, Neamt County is situated in northeastern Romania, in the historic region of Moldavia. Its county seat is in Piatra Neamt, the county’s largest city with a population of approximately 80,000. Apa Serv SA, the local water utility, selected TAHAL to design and supervise the rehabilitation and extension of its water supply and sewerage infrastructures in Neamt County’s urban and rural areas.
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Kwahu-Tafo, Konongo & Kumawu (3K) Water Supply Systems

TAHAL was hired by the Ghana Water Company to design, develop and construct a new water supply system in Kumawu, and to rehabilitate water supply systems in Konongo and Kwahu. The project was part of Ghana’s plan to improve access to potable water for over 500,000 residents in more than 50 residential areas.
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Construction of Water Treatment Plant & Horizontal Water Intake Facilities – Orenburg, Russia

A tender was issued for the construction of a new water treatment plant (WTP) and the rehabilitation of existing horizontal water intake facilities. Over the course of the project, TAHAL has provided the following services: Design, Obtaining all necessary approvals, licenses and permits, Construction...
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New Facilities at Yuzhnaya Water Treatment Plant – St. Petersburg, Russia

TAHAL in JV with ZAO Vodokanalstroy was hired by MUP Vodokanal St. Petersburg, the supplier of potable water to the city of 5 million people, to establish new facilities at the Yuzhnaya water treatment plant. The project included a development, detailed design, and construction and commissioning for a new treatment plant with a nominal capacity of 350,000 m3/day.
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Turnkey Water Supply System Rehabilitation and Expansion and Water Treatment Plant Construction – Accra-Tema Metropolitan Area (ATMA), Ghana

The Ghana Water Company chose TAHAL to carry out a turnkey project for the rehabilitation and expansion of water supply systems and the construction of a water treatment plant (WTP).
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River Basin Assessment & Planning System – Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh (UP), India

SWaRA Uttar Pradesh was created in 2001 for improved planning, managing and allocating of water resources. SWaRA realized that it required an integrated approach to overcome problems of poor water management and a lack of coordination among the many stakeholders in the region involved in water supply and usage.
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Water Distribution System Construction – Luanda, Angola

TAHAL provided a wide range of pre-construction services for the project, including studies, preliminary and detailed design, mapping, aerial photography, and DTM ortho-photography, and the supply and storage of materials.
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New Water Treatment Plant – Belgrade, Serbia

The Public Utility Company Belgrade Waterworks and Sewerage selected TAHAL to design and supply key equipment for its new Makis 2 water treatment plant (WTP). Given Belgrade’s history of water shortages, the utility, which is the sole provider of potable water in Serbia’s capital and largest city, wanted to increase the availability of drinking water for the residents of Belgrade and its environs. Situated on the bank of the Sava River, the Makis 2 WTP is designed to process and treat raw water from the river.
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Water Supply Systems in Rural Areas – Romania

The Romanian Ministry of Regional Development and Housing selected TAHAL to design and implement over 500 centralized water supply schemes in rural areas of 26 counties throughout Romania. The main goal of the project was to provide drinking water meeting World Health Organization (WHO) standards to some one million rural inhabitants of Romania.
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Development of Water Resources of Kalu Ganga Basin including Flood Protection

Prefeasibility study for flood protection of Kalu Ganga Basin and feasibility study for construction of 70 m high multipurpose Ratnapura Dam for flood protection and hydropower. Included installation/calibration of SOBEK flood control model, field investigations and tender document preparation.
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Urban Water Supply, Storm Water Drainage, Underground Sewerage & Road Restoration

Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority Description: Development of urban water supply, sewerage & drainage systems for 260 km2 area. Includes water treatment plants, pipelines, storage reservoirs and collection, treatment & disposal of domestic/industrial wastewater.
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Palmachim Seawater Desalination Facility, Kibbutz Palmachim

Financing, design, construction, supply, installation and O&M of reverse osmosis seawater desalination plant for the production and supply of 45 MCM/yr under a build-own-operate (BOO) contract.
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Design of Fifth Water Supply Pipeline to Jerusalem

Feasibility study and design of eastern pipeline segment, which will be the main source of water for Jerusalem, supplying 65,000 m3/h.
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Water Pollution Simulation for Hagihon Corporation, Jerusalem

Development of standalone decision-support system (DSS) tool to dramatically reduce time between detection/suspicion of contamination in water network, thereby reducing both health risks and financial loss. The system includes hydraulic simulation and graphical presentation of results.
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Consultancy on Nzoia and Yala Multi-Purpose Flood Protection Works Sub Component

Flood mitigation project included hydrological study and design of dams, including multipurpose reservoirs for flood prevention, power generation, water supply and irrigation. Alternatives were recommended based on cost-benefit analysis, as well as socioeconomic and environmental impact.
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Addis Ababa Water Supply Project – Stage IIIA

Field studies, completion of detailed design and preparation of tender documents to upgrade water supply system for Addis Ababa (population above 3 million), including dams, pumping stations, raw water transmission mains, treatment plant, tunnel, distribution pipelines and reservoirs.
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Construction Supervision of Hydraulic Works for Flood Control of Lower Basin of Guayas River

Construction supervision of flood control works covering 171,250 ha area with a population of 188,000. Project includes hydraulic structures, river crossings, embankments, drainage canals and 280 km of highways and auxiliary roads.
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Yaylak Plain Agricultural Irrigation – Anatolia, Turkey

TAHAL carried out design, engineering, management, cost and budget control, construction and coordination services for the entire irrigation system. Water from the Atatürk Dam was conveyed via an existing tunnel to a newly constructed main pumping station...
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Optimization, Extension and Operational Control of Falcon State Water Supply & Sanitation System for Four Cities

Project involved feasibility study, final design and procurement, including 110 km of collection/distribution networks, 3 pumping stations, 13 km pipeline, 4 facultative lagoon treatment plants and implementation of SCADA system comprising 2 OCCs and 107 remote stations.
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Improvement of Drinking Water Systems of Santo Domingo

Master planning, design, supervision and construction, including rehabilitation of pumping stations; installation of 48 & 54; steel pipelines (6 km); construction of two concrete reservoirs (~30,000 m3 each); installation of 12 & 16; HDPE networks (10 km); and SCADA system implementation.
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