Turning Refuse into Revenue
Based on over six decades of international experience and millions of tons of treated waste, TAHAL delivers comprehensive yet eco-friendly solid waste projects. Optimizing engineering, financial and environmental considerations, TAHAL’s sustainable and innovative solid waste projects convert environmental challenges into economic benefits.
Key Benefits
• Decreased environmental damage and enhanced public safety
• Greater energy availability from biogas and other waste-to-energy production
• Improved preservation of land resources and reserves
• Increased economic benefit from energy production and recycling
Proven Expertise
• Ecological landfills
• Waste and recycling sorting facilities and transfer stations
• Industrial and domestic waste collection
• Refuse-derived fuel (RDF) production
• Mechanical biological treatment (MBT) plants

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US Steel Waste Management Facility

Feasibility study, EIA and preliminary & detailed design of 37 ha complex for industrial solid waste landfill and leachate WWTP, including application for required permits. Facility is designed to handle a total of 4,215,000 m3 of non-hazardous waste and 242,000 m3 of hazardous waste in two 5-year phases.
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HAGAL (Talia) Sanitary Landfill, Jordan Valley

BOT project for design, construction, operation and closure of a 34 ha 1,000 ton/day modern landfill site according to international methods and standards that ensure full environmental protection, including prevention of unpleasant odours and preservation of groundwater resources. Includes an energy centre that uses biogas produced at the site for the generation of
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