Growing for Life
Considering the physical, economic and human features of a given project area, TAHAL delivers integrated agriculture development projects that provide long-term value. Leveraging large-scale project management capabilities and extensive agronomic expertise, TAHAL’s sustainable solutions improve food security and create gainful employment in developing countries worldwide
Key Benefits
• Enhanced food security
• Increased local job creation and standards of living
• Improved rural infrastructure
• Effective introduction of new and diversified crops
Proven Expertise
• Field crops using advanced micro-irrigation and irrigation systems
• Greenhouses and net houses with climate control systems
• Open and protected orchards
• Fully or semi-automated dairies and poultry houses
• Intensive and semi-intensive aquaculture systems

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Quiminha Integrated Agricultural and Regional Development Project

TAHAL was hired by Angola’s Ministry of Agriculture to design and implement an integrated rural development project covering 5,000 hectares in the Quiminha region, some 40km from the capital Luanda.
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Integrated Agricultural Development – Vojvodina, Serbia

Vojvodina is a province of roughly 2 million inhabitants located in northern Serbia, with agricultural land making up almost 85% of its territory. A joint venture between a private investor and the Serbian government selected TAHAL to design and implement an integrated agricultural development project that would address statutory issues, utilize modern technologies and methodologies, and prove economically profitable.
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Feasibility Studies and Detailed Design for Main Irrigation Infrastructure Rehabilitation

Feasibility study for rehabilitation of the main irrigation infrastructure in five irrigation schemes, including an environmental impact study and socioeconomic analysis.
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Bhairawa-Lumbini Groundwater Irrigation Project

Feasibility study, design, construction supervision and study of institutional/legal aspects in development of groundwater resources for both, dry season and supplementary monsoon season irrigation. Included drilling of 79 tubewells over 20,600 ha, formulation of institutional framework and WUA establishment.
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Water Resources Planning for the State of Rajasthan

Statewide master plan for water resource management/development, including improvement of data collection/processing; groundwater, artificial recharge and conjunctive use studies; equipment procurement; training; and technical assistance.
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Kikar Sedom Agricultural Extension

Pilot project for establishing agricultural production on marginal land considered unsuitable for intensive commercial farming because of extreme conditions – elevation of 400 m below sea level, annual rainfall of under 40 mm, annual evaporation rate of 370 mm, maximum summer temperature of 46 °C, shallow saline groundwater, soil hypersalinity and low
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National Master Plan for Arable Agriculture & Dairy Development

Implementation of NAMPAADD, including planning, design, construction and operation of rainfed, irrigated and dairy pilot farms for both production and demonstration, as well as development of statewide extension services and training of local professionals.
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Gurara Water Transfer to Federal Capital Territory (FCT)– Azara-Jere Irrigation Project

Detailed design of main conveyance system, including 29 km 1,400 mm steel pipeline; 100,000 m3 regulating reservoir; secondary distribution system; and on-farm distribution system for 4,000 ha, including centre pivot irrigation and pressure irrigation network.
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Reformulation of the Baja Guajira Irrigated Development Project

Feasibility study for intensive irrigated agriculture project that would drive the development of water resources for irrigation of 16,000 ha. Project included hydrological studies; water, soil and environmental surveys; agricultural planning; study of organizational aspects; planning of engineering works; economic and financial evaluation; and training and technology transfer.
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Yaylak Plain Agricultural Irrigation – Anatolia, Turkey

TAHAL carried out design, engineering, management, cost and budget control, construction and coordination services for the entire irrigation system. Water from the Atatürk Dam was conveyed via an existing tunnel to a newly constructed main pumping station...
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Integrated Irrigation for Export of Agricultural Products, Arco Seco

Turnkey project comprising irrigated development of 3,000 ha, including detailed design and execution; provision of training, support services and marketing infrastructure; and establishment of farmers' organizations.
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